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Hello! My name is Liya Cetiner.

I’m the Community Manager and Founder of Examizy.

Many years ago, I arrived in London as a student. Just like you, I had to choose from different countries and different Universities. I chose the UK as my destination. And… just like you, I had to go through the IELTS exam in order to join that University degree program.

I was born in Russia and lived in Kazakhstan all my childhood, so English is not my first language. I remember, the first days of my education journey in London were really shocking to me. Why? Because, before arriving to the UK, I used to think that my English was pretty good. However, surprisingly I struggled to understand the British accent. The worst first experience was when I picked up a phone call. I couldn’t understand a word :))

You see, in those days we didn’t have Youtube, Udemy nor Facebook. It was 2005. I was only 19. Perhaps Facebook and all where there, but again we lacked powerful internet. Social Media was not as popular as it is now. So, we didn’t have facebook study groups or quora Q&As. I remember improving my English on my own. But, you should consider yourself lucky, because you have everything right now, at your fingertips.

I still remember the day when I sat my IELTS exam and soon afterward I moved to London.

My world was rocked – I never knew what was possible before. I said to myself: Girl, you have just unlocked a magical adventure that can transform your life.

Suddenly there was no limit…. I could realise my dreams, I met goal driven people … people with purpose. People from all over the world. From different backgrounds. With lots of business ideas. My dream was to set up my own business, and I’ve launched Examizy. However, no matter what your dream is, what is holding you back right now is either IELTS or TOEFL test. These two tests will open doors for you to unknown, unheard opportunities. Believe me. I’ve been there. I’ve done that.

Why I’ve launched Examizy?


Between 2009 to 2015 I worked for a local business school in London, and I’ve helped many students to arrive in the UK from all over the world. I worked with students from India, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey etc. They all sat their IETLS and/or GMAT tests successfully and most of them continued their career in London.

One day, I remember, one student of mine from Afghanistan came to me and thanked me. He said, “You’ve changed my life.” When I replied to him that “It’s just my job”. He looked at me and responded, “it’s not, just a job. You’re helping hundreds of students to achieve their goals, change their current situation, start their business or career in a country they dreamt about. You’re helping them to start a life full of opportunities.”

Well… I must say I was touched, and couldn’t get over this small talk. At that precise moment, I truly regretted that I am helping only hundreds of students. Not thousands or millions of students from all over the world. And, that’s why EXAMIZY was born.

My Mission


After that small talk I kept thinking, if only the whole world can become goal driven as those people I met in London and they become conscious through education and constant learning, everything would change. Do you agree?

There will be no more corruption in the world because educated people won’t let it happen. There will be no dictatorship, because those who studied at Oxford, Harvard, Yale or any other reputable Universities will know their rights and would know the ways how to fight for their rights. There will be no more pollution as we will be aware how to recycle properly. There will be no more communication problems between colleagues or even family members as we will know how to communicate effectively.

So, my mission is to help students, to help you, to achieve your goals without losing precious time, because the greater life is waiting for you, in your new country. And don’t worry if you don’t have a goal right now, except for passing your exam. You will figure out your mission when you leverage your life and get one step up.

What is your goal?


So, if you feel stuck right now, in your life, you don’t feel education in your country is good enough for your growth, if you feel there is no higher ladder to climb in your company, there is no better future for your children in your country, there is no better life for you as a startup in your current life, visit us, visit Examizy. Here, you will get help with your exam no matter your target score or budget. That exam, whether it is the IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT is holding you back. On the other hand, that exam is your door! The door to your new future, new career, the new land of opportunities.

At Examizy we have free or paid courses, at your choice, we have workshops and resources for as cheap as $1. Paid courses are there just to help us survive and touch lives of many more students. Change many more futures. If you’re ready to grow with us, join our mission.

We are here to help you. I am here to help you.

Liya Cetiner


Examizy – so Exams can be Easy!

Please get in touch with Liya Cetiner and let us know your goal, your story, your question at hello@examizy.com